Wednesday, October 30, 2013

One year ago... Home day.

I was so excited to dress her from head to toe in nice, new girly clothes. I think she was too!

Signing the care agreements before we leave. With the Gibsons.
These are the Gibsons. They are also from BC. We met them in the airport on the way to Kenya. Their son Baraka is also from the same home. We shared the entire process and milestone with them in Kenya. They are family now and we are happy that Baraka and Zahra will forever maintain a kinship.

Zahra holding a couple photos that the director gave us.

She now squirms to get down out of the carers hands. Wanting Mommy. Good sign.
Saying goodbye to Maggie the SW at the home.

Saying goodbye to Wamaitha, the director.

The director, having a goodbye cuddle with Zahra.

Trying to get a full length shot of her looking so pretty in her outfit.

But she refuses to allow me to be far enough away from her to get the shot.
In my arms forever.
In the car. She loves the photos of herself.
The ride home.

Apartment decorated by the Owens.
Checking out all the toys.


Playing with Baraka.

Having fun!



Candice said...

These flashback posts have been so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

Gypsy Mama said...

What a happy day!

That's so great that there is another family in B.C. with a son from the same place as Zahra. I'm sure you all are happy to have each other.