Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Disbanding the NAC - New information

We have received new information this morning. We are seeing notices of Approvals and Deferrals from Danish, Swedish, Italian, and Finnish families. Specifically with LAN, and KCH. We have not heard from any KKPI clients yet. These approvals are from September. There was indeed a meeting in September.

We have also received confirmation from the press that the NAC was disbanded on September 30th. You can read about it here.  What does this mean? I really don't know. They have left us hanging in this article, and information to/from agencies is not very forthcoming.

We have also received word about an East African Adoption Conference in Kenya, in November. You can read about it here. The focus of the conference appears to be raising awareness about local (domestic) adoption and mainstreaming the process. This is great news... but again, where does that leave international adoptions - I don't know.

I am hopeful however, that upcoming changes could be very advantageous to the process. We all know they could easily shorten the residency with a few simple changes.

For those who are on the edge of their seats waiting to hear news, please consider joining our 'Adopt Kenya' Facebook group. For confidentiality reasons, it is only for Moms currently in process (or previously) adopting from Kenya. This means you must be home study approved, and working on your dossier at the very least.


Gypsy Mama said...

I really hope this means that the process will be even better in the future. One of the things we liked so much about Kenya's adoption program was its reputation for stability. I'm sure this restructuring will mean good things in the future, and I am very anxious to see how it all unfolds. Maybe my bio child coming first was a blessing in disguise!

Jolene said...

Everything happens for a reason!! xx

Anonymous said...

We are one of the families waiting to be approved by the comittee. We are from Germany and our agency is KKPI. Our national german agency hasn't received any official notice and can't give us any information. I would love to join your group for discussing these issues but I am no member of Facebook (and for several reasons I won't become one). Thank you for sharing information here in your blog. It seems to be much faster than the official way.


Jolene said...

Hello Helen, I am sorry you are stuck waiting. Unfortunately, the agencies do not appear to be giving information. I think there are so many unknowns, so they are hesitant to say anything until there is some more concrete information.
I will continue to relay information here. :)

Ulrika said...

I would also like to be part ou the facebook-group. Me and my husband are on our way to Kenya and our dossier has been in Kenya since the fourth of July.
My name on facebook is
Ulrika Siira, in Sweden
(I am the one with the utumn trees as background)