Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In Studio Photo Shoot - 1 yr

We've been home for 5 months now!

I've been wanting so badly to get photos done, but since we are still recovering financially from the last years events and preparing for upcoming needs (new vehicle, flooring, toilet - ALL I want for Christmas is a new toilet BTW. How is that for low maintenance!?), we had to forgo the type of photo shoot we normally would have. You know the one in nature, of candid shots instead of staged shots?

The thing is, I am capable of taking some pretty good photos, but Dan likes to take photos of his thumb prints, and without a tripod (hmmm... another gift idea? Of course my husband will (Should ?) be reading this. ), it means we are unable to have a family picture. Also, I am finding that more photographers are no longer offering digital files for a set fee. You have to pay for the session, then for each individual photo or package - printed. I prefer to have the files, for uploading, and editing/playing around with, and I don't need a bunch of prints, nor a $400 bill. I don't mind paying for a photographers time, but just let me buy the digital files. Non edited even.

I need to make friends with some hobby photographers. Anyone?

So we went to Tot Shots. They offer a digital photo package for $50 (in addition to other package of your choice.) Perfect. Affordable.

Zahra wasn't exactly what I would call the perfect model, as she was uncooperative in the beginning and then just wild at the end. (Certainly this is where a photographer would have come in handy!)






Elizabeth said...

Missed the last few days as I had surgery on Monday. I LOVE these photos. Your children are wonderful and the family shot is also very good. What a deal for $50!

Jolene said...

Thanks Elizabeth! Sending you warm healing wishes! xo