Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oh Baby!!

Prepare yourselves!! This is cuteness over load right here!!
I have learned one thing from this all... I love babies! (Lord help me not aquire 12 more.)
Baby announcement cards!! A local Mom asked me to do up her cards, and made the mistake of giving me access to her dropbox account.
Someone help me, cause I couldn't just stop at this one:
The design she requested in a 4x6 - (although I redid the colours to match her photos)

 And this is where I went to next....


Squishy, little, yummy baby!

And... my personal favorite. I edited the photo with a focal B&W. (5x7)

I am not a professional - but 'BOY' did I have fun!
I design these cards in exchange for a small charitable donation to an orphan care foundation. If you are interested in having your own custom made design by yours truly... see here.

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