Saturday, October 19, 2013



On the way to visit family in Alberta last weekend, we came across some first snow of the season. Of course, the kids wouldn't allow us to continue without stopping. We were also excited to show it to Z as well.
She knew what it was right away, and she knew it was going to be cold. At first she wouldn't even allow me to put a piece in her hand. "Cold Mommy!"

I'm not so sure this is a 'good' thing.
HMMM.... maybe it's not so bad.

'Okay Mom, what do you want me to do with it now?'

'Throw it at my brother!'
'Throw it at my sister! Now it's fun!!'

This snow was just a teaser, we are waiting for our big 'dump' of snow here, of which we will certainly video tape her reaction!

Perfect timing of Mister whipping a snow ball at my window. Look at the look on his face! Cracks me up!! My sweet little boy - possessed.  


Elizabeth said...

Here in Vancouver I am hoping you don't get snow for a while. Used to live near Prince George so I do know snow and my students' excitement with the first one! Can't wait to see your pictures and video but do hope it is at least another month!

'Jo' said...

You and me both Elizabeth!! I always say I was born in the wrong country!!