Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10 Dead Children - World Food Day

This 60 second video is great! But by the time you have finished watching it, 10 children have died.

More deaths are contributed to starvation than to any other one single disease! AIDS, Malaria etc...

STOP! This is real. The children are real.

List 10 children you know off hand and then imagine what you would do for them if you knew they had only 60 seconds to live. Would you feed them? Of course you would!

Just because we don't 'know' these children, or cannot relate to their lives, does not mean that we can turn our heads and pretend that isn't happening. It's happening.

Some one had a Facebook status today that said, 'What if the cure to cancer was trapped in the mind of a child who couldn't afford to go to school?'
What if that same child couldn't even afford to eat, never mind go to school?

Think about the abundance we have. Let's just give a little bit of that back. $1 can buy 5 meals in some of the poorest countries!

We have made a donation to the local food bank today. Most other years, we donate to the Red Cross.

Doesn't matter where you do it - it's that you do it.

Join me in filling a little one's belly today, so they don't go to bed hungry.

Here are some places where you can make a difference:


Canadian Feed the Children

Food Banks - Canada

Red Cross - Syria

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