Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thankful - Canadian Thanksgiving

I have a new realm of thankfulness this year, after living in Kenya.

Really, we live in Canada... What isn't there to be thankful about?

We are SO fortunate.

In detail...

I'm thankful for solid wall construction with insulation,
Roofs that withstand the rain,
Flooring that is not dirt,
Electricity (reliable at that!)
HOT water with the turn of a tap!
Clean water,
Washing machine,
Deep freeze,
Food in abundance,
A vehicle!

And on top of that,

We are thankful for a life changing experience for our children, as well as ourselves. Muffin is learning about being a good global citizen in Social Studies right now. I think she just came back from the best lesson in that, that a ten year old could have!

Our lives are forever changed for the better.

We are so fortunate to have been able to provide our children with this experience, so that they will forever know how to accurately count their blessings and know how to give back.

We are thankful for the many friends we made in Kenya.

We are thankful for the assistance we received to assist the children of Mogra.

We are thankful for the staff/children of Mogra opening their hearts to us.

And most importantly, we are thankful for the life of Zahra Joy.

We are so thankful she had a good home for her first two years of life.

We are honoured to be chosen as the ones to bring her up from there, given the opportunity to care for and love her.

We are thankful that she openly loves us and accepts love from us. The gift of love has made our family complete and has made this little girl shine.

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