Friday, October 11, 2013

'My eyes are bleeding.'

Sometimes it's the little things that are worth noting.

Like the big milestone Zahra has reached this week.
She can wipe her own bum!
I stress to her that she can only wipe Pee, not Poo...
but sometimes her independence gets in the way.
If you ask Zahra what she learned this week,
she will show you how she can operate the wii
to turn on Barney on the Netflix. (?!)
I have no idea how she learned that!
 I have enough trouble operating the wii remote,
it blows my mind that she can do it.
Her speech is coming along in some regards
and not others.
She was fighting with her brother over a cheese bun.
He finally had enough with the, 'It's mine' back and forth,
and ended the argument with some good reasoning.
"I need it for hockey. It's my snack for hockey, okay Zahra?"
Although... she wasn't ready to give up.
She snatched it out of his hand and exclaimed very matter of factly,
"It's my snack for Dance Camp, okay Gia?!"
(Gia is how she pronounces his name.)
She doesn't speak so clearly, but this came out clear as day...
I damn near spit my mouthful of water all over the kitchen.
And... she got the cheese bun, because, really, she earned it with that statement!
On the other hand, we have some confusion over certain words.
Like 'Die'
Die to Zahra means 'left' or 'gone'.
Every day Daddy dies,
Muffin dies,
Mister dies,
and the milk in her cup dies.
I'm working swiftly to correct this one, as it can cause stares in public when she screams, 'Mommy, Daddy die!'
Or the word 'mean'...
it does have two meanings as we were reminded earlier
when Mister said, 'Oh, I get what you mean Mom!'
And little Miss Z, put her hand on her hip, cocked her head,
looked up at me and said...
'You mean Mommy! You mean!'
But my favorite event of the week is when Zahra came out of the bathroom
from washing her hands
like this
(Live shot! I did just happen to have my iPhone in hand!)

'Mommy, my eyes bleeding!'

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