Monday, October 7, 2013

Sensory Bin FUN!

Now that Fall has moved in, and the sandbox is no longer an option... we have moved sensory play indoors.

In Kenya we had a large bowl filled with different dried beans/peas that Z played with. She loved it, but it was somewhat frowned upon by our Kenyan friends and visitors. Why on earth would we allow her to play with good food!? We got tsked several times and a couple head shakes for good measure. They thought we were nuts.

Fact is, sensory play is so important! Not just for our adopted children, but every child! Click here to find out why.

$25 got us a fairly big bin, and a large bag of dried split peas.  Add some animals, cars, toys, spoons, bowls, funnels etc... and you have a bin of FUN!

All my children love this bin actually... and I can often get lost in sifting the peas through my fingers. Rice works as well, flax seed, flour, oatmeal, cooked spaghetti - use your imagination, or do what I do, and just look for the cheapest options at the grocery store. Other people have used shredded paper, aquarium gravel, cotton balls etc. This is a great way to incorporate learning by creating themed bins... counting, colors, animals, letters, shapes etc.

Our bin is just about fun this month. Her favorite game is to bury all the animals and then find them again. She can spend a full hour playing in this bin!

This is what a sensory bin looks like after a certain 3 year old decided to try and sit inside the bin.


Katie said...

I love sensory bins! Have you tried water beads? Those are fun too, though a bit messier than dried legumes. :) I'm planning to dye some pasta and rice fall colours and make a fall bin this week.

I laughed at the thought of your daughter climbing in to the bin - ha ha. It was worth a try, eh?! :)

'Jo' said...

My older 2 play with water beads in cups of water.. but never a large quantity like this, but it sounds fun!! Where do you get them from?
The funny thing about the 'big spill', is that the bin was sitting on our hearth.. higher than sitting level for her, so she had to stand on her tip toes to try and tip into the bin. Oh my. lol. Easy clean up, luckily I had just washed the floor. ;)