Thursday, May 31, 2012

Going private - need your email addresses!!

It's Thursday in Kenya. The end of the work week there, as June 1st is a national holiday. Thursday marks 2 weeks and 1 day from the NAC meet.

 2 weeks ago KKPI had told my agency they would hear within 1-2 weeks. On Monday KKPI had told us that they were waiting on official communication and would email us 'this week' when they received it. Last night (Thursday am in Kenya), I emailed them inquiring about the news. And then I awoke every hour to check my email. Yup. Not very smart on my part.

At 4 am I finally received an email stating that they were expecting the papers today and she would forward them as soon as they arrived. 5am nothing. 6 am nothing. 7am nothing... and the work day is now over in Kenya.

Exhausted, I snoozed my alarm until 7:15, and that is when I had the worst dream ever. Our dossier was denied because of my blog. Words like 'Moral' etc, had a completely different meaning in Kenya and it wasn't a good one! Apparently, I may have swore once or twice.... Anyway, I woke with panic and fear that I need to shut this down for awhile - until I feel it's safe.

I REALLY don't want to do this. I have nothing to hide, and I believe in putting it all there to assist others. However - our adoption is most important and I don't want to jeopardize that with a misunderstanding or translation conflict. Could you imagine?!

So here's the thing. I will leave this up for a few days probably... I want you all to still follow, so please comment with your email address (I believe attached to your Google/Blogger account?) - don't worry, I won't publish your comments. Or alternatively, you can email them to thompsontreehouse at gmail dot com, so I can permit you reading access.

This may only last until we get approval, or referral, or longer. Days, weeks, months... I am not sure. BUT please don't forget that Blogger is not very smart when it comes to private blogs - and does not allow newsfeeds. So you will not get updates as I post. You will have to directly come to the blog for updates...

Don't forget about us and check in often! ;)

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