Monday, June 4, 2012

A Few Things... (We have news!)

Okay... so I was going to turn on that 'private' switch this am, to only find that my contacts have disappeared! Meaning, I have to re-enter all of your email addresses from many different sources... so it takes awhile. Perhaps tonight.

However, I wanted to just thank you all. It is so nice meeting those of you who have remained in the shadows until now. Some, from foreign countries who don't even share the same language as me (thank you Google Translator), others right from Canada who are also thinking about Kenyan adoption, and those who are simply interested in our journey! Thank you for your kind words, and for keeping us in your thoughts, and following along! Please don't hesitate to jump right in and comment or join our facebook page - I love hearing from you!

Second thing I wanted to share with you, - is I wanted you all to take a peek at Give 1 Save 1 today - a fellow Canadian adopting from Africa. Please check out her great video, cute boys, and if you could spare a dollar or 2 to help them out, that would be great!!

Third - my best bud Tracy and her family are currently en route to Kenya to start their adoption journey. She and I have shared thousands of texts, several phone calls, a good number of morning coffee skypes. She lives in Illinois and we have never actually met, but we connected instantly and share a common bond. (And, I think she may be almost as crazy as I am... so we seem to understand one another. ;) I would like to wish her a safe, smooth journey and that her adoption unfolds just the same. Please keep her in your thoughts as they transition to life in Kenya and chase after their dream! I will certainly miss our daily chats... and will have to resort to early am's and late evenings now.

I know... get to the news already!! Right?

Last but not least on the agenda - In this edge of your seat (well at least I am at the edge of my seat, and possibly my sanity), saga that I am staring in ... we have received news on our approval. The status is 'Deferred until shortcoming are addressed.' Short comings are missing documents and information.

(Big let down... I know. Certainly not very exciting... where is the climax in this story?) 

This means that our timeline is compromised which is very disappointing to say the least. We are back at the drawing board... waiting for some info, before we make some decisions. The unknown and things that I cannot control are taking a toll on me... I don't like living in limbo with kids, pets, house, and business, not knowing what or when to expect things to happen. We are going to seriously consider setting a 'move to Kenya date' and hope the adoption details fall into place around that time. Just considering this option brings me great calmness. I guess I just need to get behind that wheel and control at least one aspect of my life!!

Please - send me your email address in the comment area ( I will not publish it) or email to thompsontreehouse at gmail dot com if you would like to have access to our blog while we go private until approval. (If you have not already done so.)


Candice said...

Oh my word. Seriously?!? HOW are you missing documents!?! Isn't that what you pay your agency big bucks to take care of? Huge sigh over here...
In my humble opinion I think just making a moving date is a fantastic idea. You know that eventually a referral will come, so why not pack your bags and get settled over there?

Tracy said...

Thank you do much for your kind words Jolene .... You are part of my heart as we go on this journey together. And that we are meeting in Kenya .... Awesome!
Set a date, Stay with us ..... We will kick out my neighbors and you can move right in .... :) see its a plan, a GREAT plan lol

Tracy said...

Candice said it .... Your referral will eventually come! It WILL, it's not a maybe! It's a disappointment that the NAC didn't read your home study or that you are missing something, but you were seen! HOO RAH!
So make some plans .... Get over here :)