Friday, May 25, 2012

Le Sigh

Word from KKPI (our Kenyan agency) regarding the results of the NAC (governing body in Kenya) May meeting has hit Germany. This means that KKPI will have our results as well.

As my luck would have it, our local agency director (who would be the receiver - or inquirer of this news) is out of town. Unfortunately, this situation happened last month as well when we were waiting for results.

I was able to get another staff member to check the emails, and she reports there was no correspondence from KKPI. Ack.

Because of the time difference, she likely will not inquire on our behalf until Monday, which means no news until Tuesday.

Royal le sigh.

If anyone else is waiting on NAC approval = results are in. Call your agency! Go now!! (And then share the results with us!! ;)

PS - Next NAC meet is slated for June 13th.


Candice said...

I still believe it's going to happen for you so I'll keep crossing my fingers until Tuesday!

Denise said...

It'll feel like a LONG weekend for you :( I know all to well what that waiting feels like! Hopefully Monday will bring happy news for you.

prso Peter Rison said...

What a great blog!
And how recognizable to us,
We are waiting for a proposal from our Kenyan agency (CWSK) , through our Dutch organization.
( we had our NAC approval 3 weeks ago )
Hopefully we will both have good news soon!
Peter & Jane Rison

Anna said...
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Sharla said...

The waiting is so, so hard. I really hope you hear good news soon. (I almost cringe when I write the word "soon" as it's one you hear too much when waiting!)

'Jo' said...

Thank you ladies - I appreciate your support and kind words.

Pater and Jane - thank you for commenting! I am always excited to come across other adopting parents from Kenya as there aren't very many of us. I would love if you considered joining our yahoo group - link off to the right, so we can share information. I look forward to following your story!

prso Peter Rison said...

Hi Jo,
Thanks for your reply.
We have our membership pending ;-)
Bye for now Peter and Jane