Monday, May 7, 2012

HAITI - Suspension - What's left?

Alert: Temporary Suspension of New Adoption Cases

Haiti's adoption authority, l'Institut du Bien Être Social et de Recherches (IBESR), informed U.S. Embassy Port-au-Prince that it will suspend processing of new adoption cases effective May 7, 2012. IBESR indicated that the suspension will enable it to expedite processing on its backlog of pending cases and begin internal restructuring to bring it closer to international standards. The U.S. Embassy has been assured the suspension is temporary and that IBESR will continue to process all cases that are filed before May 7.

While this is for the good of all those who are currently in process, it is still another reminder that this thing called 'adoption' is not easy.

You just can't adopt from wherever you feel like it - despite the common misconceptions. There are very few... (I'm like talking about a handful here) countries that you actually adopt from, and those that do exist, can always be shut down with no warning. Let's count the possibilities.

Kenya - requires 9 month residency
DRC - new and unstable for BC residents lacking options
S.Africa - Just re-opened. I don't know if it's availabe for BC residents?
Ethiopia - Only applications for special needs and older children
China - Special needs
Vietnam - Special needs
Canada - Older child, special needs
US - Very expensive, new born - Bio Mother chooses family, long wait lists, risks
Japan - Small program with difficult requirements -
- under 43 years of age
  • married for three years
  • be childless
  • (and must make a zillion dollars per year.)
    Honduras - Must be under 45, process time avg - 4 yrs
    Phillipines - Special Needs/Older child
    Morroco - for Muslims only
    India -  Special Needs or for those of Indian heritage
    Jamaica - New, Older Child, Unstable, Unpredictable

    The future of adoption is looking pretty bleak if you ask me.


    Hi from Ruth! said...

    Where are Thailand and Korea at these days? I haven't heard anything about these programs for years.

    How about the Phillipines - I know of some who have adopted there but I don't know the requirements.

    India works if one adoptive parent is Indian, I understand.

    I agree with your assessment...there aren't many options left at all. It's a hard fact, and I have a difficult time encouraging anyone to consider adoption these days.



    Hi from Ruth! said...

    Oh, I THINK S.Africa is open again...and Lesotho.


    'Jo' said...

    I haven't heard anything about Thailand or Korea either! You are right about the Phillipines (special needs) and India (although I recently heard it was on hold.. will have to re-look.)
    Lesotho is on hold!! No one's really talking about it - but it has stalled. Our agency just came back from there, hoping to sort it all out.
    South Africa - I wonder if any of our agencies would work with MOT for this program... hmmm. I don't know if it's an option for BC residents - but I will add it as well! Thanks Ruth!

    Hi from Ruth! said...

    I'm still thinking about this! :)

    I'm sorry to hear about Lesotho - I'd heard that this was a small and well-run program. I hope it gets sorted out very quickly.

    What about Vietnam? I know it was suspended for several years, then re-opened, but I'm not sure where it's at these days. Seems to me I recently heard that it was on hold again.


    Hi from Ruth! said...

    We have friends who just returned from Russia; I think that program and maybe the Ukraine might still be open to new applicants???

    Sorry for all of the comments, Jo!!


    'Jo' said...

    Did some more digging. ;) Vietnam and Ukraine are apparently facilitated by TDH Ontario. Ukraine is for children 5 and older, but is closed in BC. Vietnam is also older child, or special needs and is open with CHOICES.

    Anna said...
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    Denise said...

    Adoption is looking bleak, but IBESR in Haiti shutting down is actually a good thing all around. It will clear out the files currently in the system (probably find a bunch that got lost along the way and the poor parents have been waiting for over a year), and they are hoping to create a better system for new files entering. It is hard for people who are waiting to enter, but they should still benefit as when IBESR opens, they will hopefully be in and out MUCH quicker. Hoping it actually makes adoption from Haiti a more viable option for others in the future.

    'Jo' said...

    I Was waiting for you to comment Denise! ;) fingers crossed that this is a speedy suspension, and all those in process are quickly processed! I agree this is necessary!!

    The Jiu Jiu said...

    Hi - I'm not sure how things work up north of the border (I'm in the U.S.) but what I've seen/heard about Korea is that they have begun a process that will virtually eliminate the possibility of international adoption by the end of 2012 or early 2013...

    'Jo' said...

    That's unfortunate about Korea. I looked into in briefly, and it is available for Ontario residents only, but there is a long waitlist.

    Sarah said...

    The state of that list makes me sad :(