Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mommy's Germs

My little man is a germaphobe... and I love to tease him about it. It's 'our thing'.

Every night before he goes to bed, I kiss his ears, his eyes, his nose and a big wet one right on his lips. He claims to hate it, but every night he asks me for his 'special' tuck in... and so it is our little game.

Today, he was home sick school.

"It's taken a really time today to figure out what my body needed, but now I know it needs some Gingerale. Can you get me some Gingerale Mommy?"

So I went and bought him some Gingerale. But before giving it to him, I asked him if I could have a sip first (first, because I didn't want to catch his bug).

"I guess so, but just a little one okay?"

I took a gulp and handed it back to him, watching as he wiped the Mommy germs off the top with his shirt.

"You know, you already have my germs... you came right out of me.. germs and all!"

"No, I did not!" (He knew he was conceived from me - but was protesting the germ part.)

"Yep, made from Mommy's germs."


"True story, you came right from germ filled body... made from my Mommy germs."

He stopped... you could see the gears turning quickly...

"Well good thing for our adopted baby that they won't have your germs hey Mom? They're lucky."

"Don't worry Buddy, there will plenty of time for me to smother them with my germs. They may not have been born from my germs... but I can infect them easily enough."

"Eeewww..." and he walked out.

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