Monday, May 14, 2012

The 9 yr old Muffin

Yes, it's official. She's old. Where did the time go?

I just cannot believe that it was nine years ago that I gave birth to her and became a Mom for the first time.

Anyway, not to get all sappy on you, after all there is enough of that on this here adoption blog!!

Muffin has always wanted a surprise party, so this year we decided to pull one off. It went off without a hitch, she was so surprised!! Check it out!

She said it was the best party she's ever had. Pretty good considering that it was thrown together last minute!

The kids painted flower pots and planted them with flowers to take home, they played Ryley Trivia, Hot Potato (which they all loved!!), had a scavenger hunt, face painting, in addition to jumping on the trampoline. It was full on - I wish I would have made the party longer, as we ran out of time!!

I made an ice cream cake, that seemed to be a hit. I didn't get a chance to try it. (Which is best anyway.)

This is all that remained.

One of the best things about Muffin's birthday is that she had decided she wanted to ask for donations for her sponsor child (Margaret) in Kenya in lieu of gifts. We had a backpack to fill to take to Margaret when we are in Kenya. She lives a couple hours outside of Nairobi. The girls were so generous, that we not only filled the back pack, but have plenty extra to hand out to Margaret's siblings, or village children!! We encourage our children to collect donations for a cause of their choice every second birthday. I am so proud of Muffin though to not only come up with this all on her own, but she whole hearted wanted to, and was very excited to do so! She didn't ask once if she would get a present for herself.... which of course she did. ;) She was so happy at the end of the night, going through all of the donated items and thinking of how much joy they would bring Margaret - a fellow nine year old, across the globe, that she has never met. Brings tears to my eyes... I know we must be doing something right! Bless her heart and the wonderful little woman she is blossoming into!


Anna said...
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Candice said...

I lOVE this! Way to go mom! :)