Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Confirmed - April was not our month.

Our dossier arrived in Kenya on March 18th. It was supposed to have been submitted to the governing committee (NAC) before April the 5th to be eligible to be seen in April's meet. (I say 'supposed to be', as I have no real confirmation that is was indeed.)

The committee met early in the month, on the 11th. Typically, the Kenyan agency gets word within a week or two. Today we have received confirmation that our file was not seen at this meeting. The next meeting is May 16th.

To be honest, on one hand I am a little relieved that we were not approved in April. It is too soon. A May referral would mean that we would have to wait 2+ months to meet our child... and it would be agonizing for me! (Totally hand it to all you Moms who wait months and some years!! I am a control freak... and I would likely have a nervous break down if I had to endure that. Ugh.)

May has to be our month though!! My first born was born in May, so it would be nice to get approval for my last in May. ;)

My timeline that I am hoping for is as follows...
May 16th approval. June 1st notification of approval. End of June referral. End of July - relocation. This is my perfect world scenario - and so far, since last fall - it has been falling in line the way I envisioned it.

IF our approval comes any later than May - it will be that much more difficult to list our place for rent for Aug 1. I also would prefer one month to adjust and settle into Kenya before we feel pressured to start homeschooling.

We cannot list our place for rent until we get approval, otherwise there is simply no guarantees.

So please help me put it out to the universe that May is our month (and that we will need no further documents, which could delay us up to 2 months!!). Prayer, hope, positive thinking - whatever works for you - please put it out there. Thank you!!


Janna said...

I'm sending out good vibes into the universe for a May approval!

Rowan Family Tree said...

I sincerely HOPE SO!!!!

My best! I hope this journey moves forward quickly this month, and you hear nothing but good news.


Candice said...

MAY IS YOUR MONTH!!! I will keep putting it out there for you my friend. :)

Anna said...
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