Thursday, April 12, 2012

Together, we can make a difference!

I just may be the last one to discover this wonderful organization, but if not... I'm here to tell you about it! ;)

It's called Give 1, Save 1. What is it?

Thanks so much for stopping by to give your hard earned dollar to someone that really needs it. That’s so nice of you. You’re pretty nice. I know it’s a recession. I know it’s hard to give right now. But everyone has a dollar. Join in and help us bring one home. Here’s what it’s all about:


Every Monday I’m going to ask you for a dollar. Well, two actually, now – one African adoption and one Haitian adoption. I’m going to tell you who it’s going to and what it’s being used for. We’re mostly funding adoption for the people, by the people. We’re just going to rain down a crazy blessing on a family, organization, orphanage, or project and we’re going to do it every week. We’re going to get huge. And the world will be changed for lots of people because of your generosity. That sounds exciting, doesn’t it?! Let’s do it.

I’ll tell you who we’re sponsoring and where to send your dollar. You’ll need a paypal account to play. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you just need one. It’s time. So go ahead and set one up and meet me back here. I’ll link a button to the Paypal account that we’ll be blasting. Then once you’ve donated your dollar spread the word to get some more dollars in here. If you have a voice, an email account, a blog, a facebook page, a twitter account or a pinboard USE IT! The only way we can make a big difference is to make it viral!

And your dollar will be saving and restoring lives in all kinds of ways. Removing a child from an orphanage gives that child a family and a future, something everyone needs. It also frees up a bed in an orphanage for another orphan. Your dollar will change lives and save lives in ways you may never know.

To help you can donate to the family of the week by clicking the AFRICA or HAITI tab at the top. Then you’ll see a big old gigantic donate button on their page. Choose whichever region floats your boat, or super ideally both! Be sure to subscribe to the blog and you’ll get notifications of all posts. That way you won’t miss a family!

So here's the deal. I know we are all saving for our own adoptions, but we all have a dollar or two to spare right?

A few weeks ago...I made a promise to myself to donate every week until our departure to Kenya. $1 or 2 a week may not be much, but just think how fast that would add up if 10,000 of us did it! And we all know, not much can compete with the importance of freeing up a spot in an orphanage... allowing one child an opportunity of life!

The number of orphans in the world far outnumber the amount of people who want to adopt. We know the number one hurdle in adoption, is the cost. So lets help lighten the burden of these wonderful families, and help them bring their children home!

Each week a new family video is featured on the blog. One for African, and one for Haiti - soon to come is one for families adopting from Asia! If you scroll down their blog, you will see this week's adopting families videos!

Who's with me...? If I can get 10 readers to pledge to donate a $1 a week and re post and challenge 10 of their readers and so on and so far - we could really make a difference!

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I love this every Sunday I look forward to the new group and posting on our fb page !!!!! Best part she excepts CND applicants!!!!!!