Thursday, April 26, 2012

Morning Mish Mosh

Yes... a smattering of details and 'stuff'.

Rumor has it (from a reliable source) that the NAC has already met once this month on the 11th. They are also rumored to be meeting on the 27th. We are waiting to be 'seen' and approved at one of these meetings. We are assuming that they are still experiencing a backlog... in order to have 2 meetings in one month. We have also heard that a single Mother was declined for adoption after a very long wait. The rules and policies don't seem to be clearly defined in this program. Things change on a whim and there isn't a rule book to refer to. Everyone seems to have different information and a different answer. I would caution single Mothers or anyone else who may be sitting in the 'grey' area, about entering this program at this time.. until there are clearly defined policies.

As spring is finally upon us, I realize that I can't hide behind my clothes anymore... so time to start the spring diet. This morning I had a broiled grapefruit with a side of yogurt. I just sprinkled some raw sugar, cinnamon and a little butter... and threw it under the broiler. Grapefruit is not something I would normally enjoy by itself... but this was delicious with some cool yogurt.

          In the May 2010 issue of the "American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism,"

scientists found that grapefruit is rich in nootkatone, a compound that activates a protein that
increases energy expenditure.

I realize that I fail. I bailed, then failed the April photo challenge. Story of my life - yes, I have been known to start projects and then leave them unfinished. Like the quilt that has been sitting up on my shelf for 8 months. However... I'm resurrecting it with... 'Flowers'  - spring flowers from my garden, and  'Looking Down'.


Candice said...

Ack! My heart goes out to the single momma who was declined.
Your spring flowers are beautiful! (and so are your fancy toes!)

Tracy said...

OK, now the pressure is on .... I need to add some photos form the challenge LOL ... I bailed on that too ... :( Maybe I can catch up a bit tomorrow ...

Did you microwave your grapefruit?
mmmmm microwaved grapefruit!!! :P

'Jo' said...

Thanks Candice, I ruined those fancy toes after wearing them in a tight shoe.

Tracy! No silly... it would have defeated the point of organic raw sugar and butter! This is for you my little friend..