Friday, April 27, 2012

Diaper Love Kits

Your diaper donations are making their way here from all over Canada! Diapers that once lovingly covered your little one's tooshies, are now being prepared to be sent to babies in need in Kenya. How fantastic is that!?

Here are just a few photos of the diapers you have donated... ;)

Together, we are providing these Mothers and Caregivers a baby essential to improve sanitary and health conditions, but as a bonus - we are also helping to eliminate the waste caused by the disposable diapers and the bags etc used for 'make shift' diapers.

In addition to outfitting an orphanage with diaper love, we would also like to bundle up some diaper love kits for new Mother's in the slums. These diaper love kits will consist of a supply of cloth diapers, handmade cloth wipes, an outfit, and a bar of soap (and perhaps a toy/stuffy) wrapped up in a lovely brand new, large, handmade receiving blanket... hopefully, placed in a wet bucket. (If we can source some out in Kenya.) We are still ironing out details. You all are supplying the diapers, I have a wonderful friend who has offered to make and donate the blankets and wipes... and the rest will soon fall in place!

Our current challenges...

We cannot just hand these kits out and expect that they will know how to use them. They will need instruction and follow up. We are currently on the look out for a diagram instruction pamphlet etc. for cloth diaper use. If you have or know of one, please let me know!

Shipping. I have 1 suitcase set aside to fill with cloth diapers, and I am donating 5% of our adoption bracelet fundraiser sales to cover 3 box shipments. I hope to collect and ship more than that however! In the up coming month or so, we will have a better picture of what shipping costs we can realistically expect.

Many of you have generously asked if you can donate, clothing, toys, blankets, etc... Many of you, I have had to turn down. The reason is the shipping cost. We are limited with shipping funds, so we feel it's best to utilize the space with the priority items. IF - you are interested in filling a box with some love and you can also provide the cost of shipping, I would love to assist you with that. We have a fellow adoptive Mother who is currently living in Nairobi and has graciously offered to accept our shipments at her secure address. She will store the donations for us, until we arrive. Please feel free to contact me at thompsontreehouse at gmail dot com, or find me on facebook - from the link on the right!

Some of you amazing Mom's are starting collections in your communities and shipping them, and others are posting me a diaper or 2 that you have in your stash that don't currently work for you. It all helps... every single diaper is a diaper closer to providing a stash for a baby in need. Thank you all so much for your kind support and generosity... keep those diapers coming in! (And feel free to share this post on your blog or facebook!)

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Sheila Wa Tele said...

HI....Thank you for the lovely work you are doing....God bless you all....Just wanted to ask if you could please please include MAMA NGINA CHILDREN;S HOME in your list of receipients....the babbies there are in dire need of diapers,baby fomula,sanitizer........I visited them for the first time on saturday 19th....and went back today ....they need all the help they can get!Thanks again.
Sheila Waki.Kenya