Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catch up...

I know! I'm behind. Thankfully, I have friends that keep me on my toes.... so now, I have some catch up to do right?

As part of April's Photo Challenge, I bring you:


It was taken on the first day the sun actually shone here - on the shadow day, I just didn't have time to post it.


We have a very pretty mountain view. Can't see much here though!


I WISH! Okay, truth is I didn't eat breakfast. (My bad.)... but having breakfast at the Giraffe Manor in Kenya is a dream of mine. Too bad it's so expensive! Worth dreaming about though... doesn't it look like fun!!?


Remember when hubby was nesting? Yes... my stairs sparkled for a day.
I need 'nesting' fairies to come into my house every night while we sleep... especially with this new full time job called 'adoption' on our plates! ;)


Candice said...

Um wow! I would have breakfast at the Giraffe Manor any day. That looks fabulous!!
And I love the shot of your hard working hubby cleaning the stairs. What a great guy!

Tracy said...

What great photos .... we are going to make the Giraffe Manor work, we will go .... we can be volunteers or offer to wash the giraffes .. now I notice they are closed April and May, we could sneak in then .... they can't take the giraffes with them! I'm just saying ..... :)

'Jo' said...

Perhaps they do renos in April and May.. hold on, we won't be there then... Okay, we'll have to volunteer to pick up Giraffe dung. I'm good with that. ;)