Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mission - 'Cover a Tooshie'

The situation in Kenya is not unique. Orphanages around the world simply cannot afford diapers, cloth or disposable. What does this mean?

Many try to make do by tying a plastic bag around the babies and stuffing them with rags or cloth that are not changed frequently (more like daily), while others cannot even afford to do that. The babies simply soak themselves and their beds, staying wet constantly. Older babies walk/crawl around, peeing on the same floor that they play on, sleep on, and eat on!

Baby with a homemade diaper of towels and plastic bags.

Imagine the consequences of this. Not only does it create unsanitary conditions, but it also creates severe urine burns and diaper rashes. It also does not create an appealing situation for staff and volunteers who need to be cuddling with these babies.

I have seen some horrible photos of these urine burns, and tiny newborns sleeping in cots that are soaking wet and filthy. The staff do their best... any amount of money they receive is needed to buy food and formula - diapers are a luxury. We all know how often a newborn can soil or wet a diaper... it is unrealistic to think that these orphanages can clean and change these babies that many times. The man power and the clothing/bedding is just not available.

So it is my mission to cover as many little tooshies as possible! I hope to fill a large suitcase to take over, and if I can get more - I will ship them. Once in Kenya, we will distribute them to where they are needed the most.

If you have some diapers that you no longer use, and would like to donate, please contact me by leaving a comment or send an email to thompsontreehouse at gmail dot com. THANK YOU!! ;)

Our first donation from a local Mama who managed to round up 34 diapers!!


Tracy said...

YAY! Great job momma! You know I'm on board ..... :) said...

I am in genelle and have some older kushies diapers I think at least 15 how can I get these to you?