Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Boy...

Who says gender roles/identity isn't something that is biologically determined at birth? This boy grew up with his sister's dolls and 'girl' toys... and look at him now.

Leaf blower extraordinaire! 

Cutting down all the dead fall.

While this looks very dangerous due to all the dead foliage, I assure you that it was safe, as the ground and debris was soaking wet. (Even approved by the Fire Dept who showed up at our house! lol) We literally have a creek running through our backyard right now due to run off! 

Limb Walker?
Yep, as you can see, this weekend was all about yard clean-up!! Felt good to finally get working in the gardens etc, now that the snow (most) is gone!

Koda... seriously... he's so cute. 

I don't think I ever posted photos of our finished backyard Coop. Just needs a little more paint inside!

The chickens also enjoyed the weekend... lots of free ranging to hunt for bugs and worms. 

Where was my 'girl' you ask? She was at the neighbors, playing house. ;)

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