Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm back!

I took a bit of a blogging hiatus. So, where have we been? Here... but visiting with family, and lots of them (18 to be exact)!! Over 3 weeks steady of family from both sides... overlapping here and there.
Some of the highlights...
We started to free range the chickens in our yard. They are 10 weeks old here and have completely killed off the colony of carpenter ants that have been eating one of our cedar trees. (I know, they aren't supposed to like cedar... but they were!!)
Uncle E came to visit us from Norway. He is not too impressed with Cotton deciding to join him for a glass of wine on the patio.
Then Ozzy showed up (black chicken on ledge)... and Uncle E found the humour in it.
The boys worked on the treehouse. Uncle E and Uncle R... made "art" of the railings (to put it nicely). The spacing was all off, but they thought it was so good, they actually gave themselves a name - Back on Track Contracting. Ha! It was entertaining for sure!
Muffin and the funny Uncle R.
I gave them a fashion citation. Shorts and long socks.... a no-no.
Nonetheless, they thought they not only had skill, and fashion, but good leg too!
Then we finally met the latest cousin to be born, my sister's lil girl.
She has high snuggle factor for sure!!
We went camping for a few days with the cousins. 
Mister and cousin S on a lil hike.
Muffin and her lil shadow - cousin Missy.
So cute!
The cousins on the beach.
The boys playing in the water.
Mister and Missy sharing Aunty J's baby wrap... to warm up in.

Things have started to resume to normal. We have gone berry picking, made jam, celebrated my birthday and are planning a weekend getaway to Seattle to celebrate our wedding anniversary. 

Where does the adoption fit in? I'm hoping to be able to complete the dossier mid Aug.

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