Monday, August 29, 2011

A quick get-away.

A long story short, Dan had to go to Spokane to pick up stone but had been up since 3am to take his Father to the hospital via ambulance. (All is well - just some back issues). So, the kids and I decided to tag along so I could drive there and so we could squeak in a bit of fun for the kids as well as some Costco grocery shopping.

We stopped at the Riverside Park where the kids played on the world's largest Radio Flyer Wagon...

... Dan decided to go down with the kids. Look at the look of terror on Mister's face... he thought for sure he was going to fall! Muffin of course, has no fear.

...and we fed all the different species of ducks and geese.

After we went on a couple rides, we walked up the street to a great little restaurant called Mizuna's. Fantastic gourmet food at great prices, with an awesome wine list as well! The kids had a Root Beer float for dessert...

Then it was off to Costco... where I stocked up for lunch items for back to school. The funny thing about my purchases, (as I noticed after we got home) is that they certainly reflected my condition at the time. Not only have I been sick for over a week with a nasty cough, sore throat, night sweats, body aches etc... but I was very thirsty when I was shopping. People who know me will find this very amusing, as I do not buy juice... ever. (Okay... the odd orange or cranberry juice here and there, but only like once a month!) The reason is, is that my lil Mister has a sugar addiction. If I have juice in the house, he will obsess about it and drink it until it's gone. I would also rather see my children learn to hydrate themselves with our good mountain water instead of a sugar drink. (Even pure fruit juice contains a ridiculous amount of sugar and calories!) Dan seems to have difficulty with this, never drinking water... (he said all he drank as a kid was juice and milk), so I don't want the kids to learn that behavior as well. If they want to drink fruit - then I encourage them to drink it in the form of a smoothie, and at least they are getting the fibre as well. I digress.... ANYWAY, enjoy looking at seeing what I purchased this fine day when my thirst obviously got the best of me...

Just to itemize it.... 24 Vitamin waters, 24 Gatorades, 24 cans of 100% juice, 24 V8's, 2 litres of Organic Acai juice, 2 litres of green health juice - and to top it all off - because of my thirst and on going cold, I also got vitamins that you mix with water. Apparently, they are better absorbed in liquid form? All I know is that I jumped at the opportunity to taste the samples of it that were put out and then bought it. You know the saying, never shop hungry? I would also have to add to it... never shop thirsty!

On our way home we saw several different flocks of wild turkeys. I am always in awe at how they manage to survive since they obviously cannot fly.

All in all, a nice quick trip, but I am still trying to figure out where to put all these drinks and how to keep my son's hands off them! In the garage they go. Out of sight, out of mind. I hope.

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Jess said...

Hey there! Good to "see" you guys. I've been offline for a while so it's good to catch up and see how you are doing :) jessica