Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bottles for Kenya

The kids have decided to earn money by taking in refundable cans and bottles. They are saving for spending money for Kenya. While we are working hard to afford the adoption itself and the residency period in Kenya, there will not be much left over to fund our entertainment. And it would be a serious atrocity to go to Kenya and not partake in a safari and some tours! However, they don't come cheap!! They are actually quite expensive! So we have been working hard at collecting bottles from friends, family and blue bins around town. This weekend, we had a van full!

Which turned into:

Which turned into:

$70.94!! It took us a good 2 hours to sort, but it was worth it. Later that day, the kids worked on painting a Kenya savings jar.

Adorned with an orange frog, a lion, an elephant and some flowers!

Yesterday, the kids and I stumbled upon a recycling station with tons of bottles and cans available... so we loaded up what we could with what we had (some grocery bags). We took them back and made $22. After taking out a few dollars each time for a cold rewarding drink afterwards... the kids now have over $80!

I envision myself spending a lot of time at the good ol stinky depot! lol...

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