Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In a rut...

Sharla over at The Chaos and the Clutter.... has started a Tuesday Truths post, so I thought I would jump on the bus!

Yes, I admit it. I am in an adoption (and other areas - but let's just concentrate on the one for now. lol) rut. I am still not finished the dossier, and typically I am the person that would have just grabbed hold of it and completed it in 2 days. But here I sit and procrastinate. I think much of it has to do with summer. Summer is typically chaotic for us, but this year we have had 3 weeks of family visiting, 2 backyard projects (the tree house and the chicken coop), in addition to a busy work season - not to mention the kids are home full time! I just seem to be lacking the energy... and other times I just feel deflated. This adoption struggle does seem to take a lot out of you. It seems to have been going on forever... we have literally been tackling this for 2 years now. I can't help but feel that it's all surreal and a good part of me feels like it will never happen. In fact, more and more as this process goes on - I feel more and more deflated, like I spent all my energy in the beginning and am just working off of whatever reserves I can find. Should have thought more like a marathon runner and not a sprinter!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever felt this way. At least I hope I am normal in feeling this way! Surely there must be ebbs and flows of your enthusiasm in the process! Right? I am going to make a promise to myself to start to tackle this dossier in the evenings and hopefully in the process I will discover my gumption again. 


Denise said...

The word "dossier" is enough to send me into spasms! I can completely relate to just pushing it back and not wanting to deal with it. I found it easier to set aside a block of time and just get as much done as possible - then I felt more energized to keep going because I felt like I was getting somewhere! Good luck finding what works best for you.

Sharla said...

Oh, adoption paperwork, adoption marathon...it really is hard to get motivated when part of you is worried that nothing you do will actually speed things along anyway. I know for myself, one of the reasons that I sometimes procrastinated when it came to paperwork was that once the paperwork was done, there would be nothing for me to do anymore related to the adoption and things would be out of my control. And yes, there were definitely ebbs and flows with my enthusiasm during the process of each one of our adoptions, so you are totally normal (well, if I'm normal that is!).

Thank you so much for joining up in Truth Tuesdays!

Tracy said...

I am just so eager to be in Kenya with my waiting kids ... Oh, I ebb and flow, don't get me wrong lol! It's so normal.
But now that we are so close to having our dossier done .... I am SO SO SO excited for when it will be sent to Kenya.
after it's sent it will be out of my control (hard) but I have heard from others it a relief as well .... No more hurry up and wait. I always wanted to get this approval sent in .... Then wait 3 weeks, then the next one ...... Wait 8 weeks.
Now I have done all that I can do for now and it's Kenyas turn and I wait ......

Now I can prepare my house for our extended departure. Purge and pack. Prepare the children's rooms. There is still loads of adoption related stuff for me to do .... While I wait ... To meet our children.