Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dr. Google

It is an unfortunate fact that both of my dogs have Kennel Cough. Wait a second... it's not as bad as you think. A human equivalent to a cold if you will. Yes, we do vaccinate our dogs... but never for Kennel Cough as we have never had the need (and it only lasts 6 months), and I really don't believe in over vaccinating.

One week ago, I was sure that Koda must have gotten a bone lodged in his throat and was trying to hack it up. (Key symptom #1). He also had a runny nose. (Key symptom #2). He had kept me up all night Thursday. I was certain that at any moment the dog was going to stop breathing! I woke Dan up and he called the emergency vet service. We were told if there was a bone stuck in his throat, he couldn't do anything about it until morning. Nice emergency service I'm thinking. It's a good thing the dog didn't get hit by a car or something! First thing the next am., Dan took him in. $160 to say that perhaps he scratched his throat with a bone and it is now inflamed. A shot of anti-inflammatory and some anti-inflammation pills.

2 days ago, Mikha starts the same hacking. The hacking almost sounds like a honking and honestly sounds like they have something in their throat that they are trying to get up. They sometimes also spit up saliva during a coughing spell. (Key symptom #3) Google, my pro bono vet, informs me that our dogs have Kennel Cough. The recommended treatment is actually vitamin C and Robitussin DM. Seriously. If you prefer natural remedies - a teaspoon of honey will help coat their throats. 

Now, we are trying to keep our dogs at bay and off the trail as much as possible. Koda plays with everyone in the neighbourhood and manages to catch everything first and brings it back home to Mikha. So look out dogs... and beware, not all vets are as cheap and as informed as Dr. Google!

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