Friday, August 19, 2011

Please define relevant government official.

I am taking baby steps with this dossier - but at least there is movement! One thing we need is 2 letters of reference from a local religious leader, Commissioner of Oath, Notary Public or relevant Government Department. I have one letter written and signed by our kids' principal with a signature from the Catholic Priest that is associated with the school. One down. But now I have been stewing over who to get to sign the other. The wording is loose at best in my mind. What the heck is a relevant Government Official? Relevant to whom and in what way?

We do have a couple of friends who are police officers, so I was thinking certainly that should qualify somewhere in that list, so I email KKPI and asked. The response I received back was, "If it is a letter of reference then the police officer can write." Hmm.  I hope I am contacting the right party and I hope she understood what I was asking. I am sticking with it however, as it only seems like common sense that a Police Officer would better qualify than a Notary Public etc. And given the fact that I do not personally know a Notary Public, Commissioner of Oath, or other "relevant" Government Department, that I am aware of - it will have to do! This is just one of the minor things, or grey areas in a pioneer program... we are certainly expecting many more! Which is okay, as we are good with rolling with the tide!

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