Saturday, June 18, 2011

Where are you!?

Where did you go? Your E.T.A. was March 20th, yet we have not seen hide nor hair of you!
Are you on Maternity leave, sick leave,... was there a death in the family?
No phone calls, no emails, no post cards. No show!
We thought we caught a glimpse of you last week, but alas, we were mistaken!

Unfortunately, you chose Winter to fill in for you instead of Summer... and because of this, my gardens have failed miserably, and the damn chickens are stinking up my house!! 
I hope Summer is not offended by your actions and decides not to make an appearance also! Can you please send her a memo and let her know she is expected to arrive promptly on the 21st? Tardiness will not be accepted and under no circumstances is Winter to stick around! He is tired, weary... and certainly has put in enough hours this year. Let him rest.


Soakin Wet n' Cold

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Sarah said...

Great post, it made me chuckle :)