Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today's Rant

I know this is an adoption blog... but really what would be a blog without a rant here or there? And quite frankly, I have something to get off my chest.

What is it with women who rant and insult their children's Fathers - or biological Father's on Facebook? Terms like "Dead beat Dad", "the Loser... and "Sperm Donor" are commonly heard. They air their dirty laundry about these Father's not paying child support, not being involved etc. To make the issue worse, the children of these women are not only on Facebook, but a FB friend of their Moms and can see the terrible things they write about thier Fathers.

It is a shame that these Fathers are not stepping up to the plate. It's terrible - mostly for the child. So go ahead and make that child feel even worse, because not only does he feel abondoned by his Father - but now you just continue to twist that knife in their heart by insulting the only bio Father he has, the one whom half of his genetics came from! Remember, your child had no involvement here - it's not your child's fault that he has the Father he does.  The only person who had a choice in this situation was you. You choose that man to Father your child... so don't make the child pay for it every day! You should never insult a child's biological parent! It can be horribly destructive to a child who already lacks self confidence! Grow up and start being a supportive parent to your child!


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