Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kenya Adoption Requirements

Well, after asking/praying for some clarity followed by a dream of being attacked by a lion in my bed while I slept - (What kind of clarity is that!!?? A little ominous don't ya think? lol) - I did wake up to an email from KKPI.

The adoption requirement as listed on their website is the following:

E. Persons Not Allowed to Adopt

The following are prohibited by law from adopting a child in Kenya:
1. A person who is not of sound mind
2. A person who has been charged or convicted previously of child abuse offence; or is a
3. Joint applicants who are not married to each other
4. A sole foreign male applicant
Not very detailed - however, this is further information that I found on LAN's site:
Adoption requirements in Kenya:-

• The applicants MUST be aged between 25-65 years at the time of submitting application and MUST be at least 21 years older that the child.
• Joint applicants MUST be married to each other for at least THREE (3) YEARS.
• Single foreign applicants may not apply for adoption unless under special circumstances
• The child to be adopted MUST be at least 6 weeks old and resident in the Republic of Kenya.

And this is what is required as per KKPI:
B. Formal Application

If you meet the requirements given by the law, e.g. age limit, you will be issued with an
application form. Your application is only considered formal when you hand in your duly
completed application form. The following should be attached for citizen applicants:

· Photographs of each applicant (full length and colored)

· Application letter to the Adoption society

· Letter from (proposed guardian + ID)

· Copies of national identity cards or passport

· Copy of marriage certificate (where applicable)

· Copies of most recent pay slip(s) (where possible)

· Copy of most recent bank statement (where possible)

· Reference letter from your religion of affiliation

· Copies of land title deeds, share certificates or any proof of ownership of assets
or property

· A letter f from a friend and another from a family member supporting the

· Certificate of good conduct

· Applicants’ birth certificates
Okay - so still left with some questions, I requested if there was any further requirements. They ask for a letter from your religion of affiliation - does that mean they have specific faith requirements? What are the specific income requirements?
I rec'd this response today:
"All the requirements are as tabulated in our website and any other

information you can get it from Sunrise Family Adoptions in BC. There are no
faith requirements but if you are a regular church member them we require a
letter from your religion of affiliation.

Also as stated in the website, we do require your salary statements, letters
from your employees or a business licence or any other form of registration
if in private practice or in business."

WE fully QUALIFY then!! How can that be... that all is working out in our favour so far? (Knock on wood...)

I have telephone meeting set up with Sunrise this afternoon just to try and tie up the last little bits of questions we have... and then we may very well be setting up our appointment to sign on to the program!! I think I have just experience my first adoption butterfly!! ;)

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