Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kenya Adoption - pieces of the process.

I apologize for leaving anyone hanging. Trying to sort through the information - or more correctly, trying to obtain the information is taking some time. What can I tell you so far?

"Kenya ratified to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of

International Adoption in June 2007. Procedures under the Children Act and the Children’s Adoption
Regulations and court rules are mandatory for any person who desires to make an application for

Any applicant interested in adopting a Kenyan child must come through an approved adoption society in
Kenya. It is these approved adoption societies that make an application on behalf of applicants wishing
to adopt a Kenyan child. There are four approved adoption societies:

Kenyans to Kenyans Peace Initiative (KKPI) Adoption Society

1. Kenya Children’s Home

2. Little Angels Network

3. Child Welfare Society of Kenya

International adoptions can be conducted in respect of a child upon the application of a female
applicant or two spouses or who are not Kenyans and who are not in Kenya provided that legal
requirements to that effect are met.

International adoptions are processed through an approved foreign adoption agency in conjunction with
an approved Kenyan adoption society to make international adoption arrangements.

For an agency to be recognized as conducting inter-country adoption from Kenya, it must be duly
registered and recognized under the laws of its origin country. The agency must also be recognized to
conduct inter-country adoption in Kenya."

NOTE - that the numbered lists of societies seems to be a typo - there are 4, but KKPI is not numbered. This information was taken from the KKPI website.

The scoop relative to us Canadians is that MOT works with LAN (Little Angels Network), and Sunrise works with KKPI. I have seen LAN representing itself on many forums... they seem to be a very "visible" society and welcome questions. I have been in contact with KKPI... and they have been wonderful! So helpful in answering my questions in regards to safe neighborhoods, and recommended orphanages to work with etc. They have offered to help us obtain a rental and will set up with a volunteer program at one of the orphanages - for our whole family!

If you are looking for information - don't be afraid to go directly to the source. Often times, it's much quicker!

The information that I am now waiting for is confirmation on the process time... it was estimated to be 8-9 months. I have been hearing talk of 1-2 yrs, however I am unaware if this is normal... In most of the cases I have heard about, it seems this is the case if you are resident of Kenya. ie - living there prior to the start of the adoption process. I also want a list of requirements that we have to meet to be approved. I believe we should have no problem qualifying - but I want something in writing before we jump in and waste time and money.

I am hoping to get these answers tomorrow - I will post any official requirements if I can get them!

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