Monday, June 20, 2011

The stink has left the building!!

Dan's arm is still not 100% - in fact, he can only lift 5 lbs with it... so tackling a chicken coop on his own was just not going to happen. However the damn chickens were not only stinking up my house, but they were getting way too big for their small cage. I begged my Dad to come and help Sat. am. He came over early and they managed to tackle one side of it before we had to leave for a FD brunch with Dan's Dad. We had to build it in 2 pieces so it could be moved in the future.

The cage part done. You can see Dan favoring his right arm.

Day 2 - Father's day. Dan never asks anyone for help (but is always the first one to help others)... so most projects just do not get finished. You know the shoemakers kids have no shoes thing?... Luckily, a friend and employee of ours stopped up to drop his son off (whom we were hiring)... and saw that we were in over our heads with the task we needed to accomplish - and jumped right in to help. I am so grateful. Without him, this would never have happened.

Part 2 - the coop.

Leveling the ground was not an easy task either!

The kids were getting in on the action... building their own coop.

Muffin sporting great work clothes!

Mister drilled steady for 2 days! (One look at this pic, and I think about birthing that big 'ol head - and you guys wonder why I want to adopt the next one... pfft! ;)

At around 4:30 - we decided to push to just get it chicken worthy. It was framed to have a window, a laying nest, sliding door, and a big door with a window on the front... We just boarded it all up for now. It will do for a week or two, until we have time to finish and paint!

The inside... framed for a window, the laying nest and the outside sliding door - but just boarded up for now until we can  finish it.

The end project... not finished, but finished enough to house chickens. (That structure off to the Right is the treehouse that this blog was named after - it too is unfinished...don't even ask when it was started... lol)

Beer worthy!

Happy Chickens! (5 weeks old - look how big they are!!)
Thank you to all that helped - I am ecstatic to have the stink out of my house!!

**EDIT - It appears that I may have painted an impression of an indoor barn in my house! Ha. Perhaps some further explanation is required. Chicks need to be kept very warm and therefor are often kept in the house until they are old enough to withstand colder temps. These chicks were kept in a cage, in an unused room. No different than guinea pigs or parrots. Their shavings were changed daily and the room had ventilation via the window. They are not disease ridden fowl. They have all been vaccinated upon hatching... and have never been in a barn, outside, or with any other farm animals etc. They only remained inside for 4 weeks... and there was absolutely nothing unsanitary about it. It's not like we had them up on the dinner table, with our cats, dogs, turtles and parrot! Come on now! HA!

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