Thursday, June 30, 2011

Proud Mama moment...

As I entered the school yesterday, I ran into Muffin's teacher... who reached out to touch my arm. "We missed you at the awards..." she said. (I had in fact called the school to inquire about this and was told it was an individual classroom thing where parents were not expected, and she was unsure of the time each class would be doing this.) "'Muffin' won the Christian Fellowship Award." 

"Oh really?" I said, not quite understanding the greatness of such. Then she got a bit teary eyed and said "Thank you so much for her, she is just beautiful... thank you..." and then gave me a great big hug. (To which we both then discovered I had gum on the shoulder of my jacket... nice!)

Afterwards, I found out that the Christian Fellowship Award can only be given to one girl and one boy. It is awarded to the child who best exemplifies the qualities of a good Christian. This is such an honour as a Mother. Although we are not "practicing" Christians (ie. attend church on a regular basis)... we still teach our children (as do most parents) to be good Christians by treating others with love and kindness, to be a good friend and help others in times of need. Honesty and integrity etc... 
Excellent report cards are normal for her (and expected), but this is a testament to her character and who she is as a person. Sure, we help to mold our children... but I really do think that both my children were born with love and kindness in their hearts. Nothing can make me more proud. I want for them to be good, kind people above all else... and it makes me beam with pride to know that they have accomplished that!

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