Wednesday, June 6, 2012


... that I will share with you.

Yesterday... I was fooling around and made some cool things.

I am not a graphic designer by any means - in fact, I can't even figure out Photo Shop!! (what a waste of $100!!) But picmonkey made me look like a pro!! So easy to use!!!

And yes - please go ahead and steal those Kenya map photos... there isn't any floating around the world wide web... so it's about time some were made accessible. I don't mind sharing!! ;)


Anna said...
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'Jo' said...

Aha! That was my other 'secret' I was going to share! ;)

Cecilia Ekhem said...

Oh, so beautiful pictures! Lovely! I long for familyphotos like that. Will do it as soon as I get healthy again. It´s a blessing being part of a loving family.

I am so sorry about the delays in your process. Wish you the best.