Friday, June 8, 2012

Consent of the Children

So, as it turns out, the 2 documents that the NAC said were not there - our government approval and the issue with the citizenship- were indeed. The Kenyan agency still needs to confirm with the NAC on Monday, but we are pretty certain that we will not have to provide anything extra in this regard. They did however want the children to be interviewed by our social worker. 

I managed to track down the social worker on Tuesday evening... and she was able to do the interview that very night. (Thank goodness.) Since then, there has been a few delays. Our home study agency wouldn't let her print it on their letterhead to match the home study... but it took two days of mixed messages to figure that out. A draft has been sent as of today to my agency, but I haven't been able to reach my social worker again. I was hoping to FedEx this today. She is super busy, and I feel really bad about pressuring her - but one day now could cost me up to a month down the road. This document has to get stamped at Foreign Affairs, the Kenyan Embassy and then on to the Ministry to be couriered to Kenya... which will likely cost me another $500.

As a precaution, my agency also sent a consent form for the children to sign and be notarized - consenting to the adoption. The lawyer got a good laugh out of that, but then again he was also shocked that it would cost $500 to FedEx this around the world. He was like, "Really!? - $500! Just to courier these 2 papers!?"...  and I was like, Really!? - $20 per document just for the 2 seconds it takes you sign your name on them!? 

Consent? Of course we consent!!


Candice said...

Mwahahaha!!! That last line made me laugh out loud. Seriously. I think in my next life I'm going to be a notary and charge $20/signature.
You keep calling your social worker. Make some noise. Be noticed. Get them on it!

Denise said...

Sorry for these delays - that is very frustrating! I have a feeling it will all work out just fine for you though. I really like the "hindsight" part of things like this!

'Jo' said...

Thanks Ladies! ;) Social Worker mailed it on Friday - which totally sucks, as I wanted to overnight it with these consent forms. Now we have to rely on the snail mail to get it there. Ugh.

prso Peter Rison said...

Yey, welcome to the world of adoption and notaries. We were deferred twice, we first submitted docs to the NAC in July 2011 and were deferred twice, we needed extra documentation both times and in total have submitted 28 docs ( maybe it's specific to the procedure in the Netherlands) but we finally got approval on 4th May 2012. We're still waiting to hear if we have been matched, but hope to leave for Kenya by the end of the month. In the meantime the lawyer has made a fortune off of us :-). Hang in there, you're so close!