Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Private!! Deferral cont...

Private! Oddly, it makes me uncomfortable rather than comfortable. I don't want to leave people behind, and I really want to advocate for this program and increase awareness. However, I think it's best that I put our adoption first right now.


At the May 16th NAC meet, our application was deferred until the 'shortcomings have been addressed'.

"The application was found to have the shortcomings as follows:

-Lacks approval of the relevant government authority in Canada.
-The issue of citizenship of the child to be adopted not addressed.
-Views of applicants biological children not captured.
-Finally, the application lack a forwarding letter KKPI."

To date - there has only been 1 application in Canada that has been approved - so they are new to our process in addition to our documents. I believe from KKPI correspondence via my agency this morning, these documents are indeed included, but perhaps were overlooked. No further documents are needed.

The views of our children - the homestudy did express what our children think about our adoption, but it did not elaborate much. We are told that they need to be interviewed face to face about their views of the adoption. I was able to hunt down our social worker, and have left messages on 4 different channels. I hope she is able to respond ASAP.

At the end of the day - this means that our dossier will not be ready to be reviewed again until July. If it is approved then, we will not find out until late July. We have so much riding on this approval - but can't wait too long to commit to a date to rent our place out. We initially wanted to leave in July. The furthest we can push it back now is September. The kids are not enrolled in school here as we intended to homeschool them in Kenya. Houses are always rented prior to the school year... it would be so difficult to rent it out any later. So, it is looking like we will set a concrete date of Sept. 1st and pray that it works out.

Yes, I fear the unknown... I fear that we will be delayed again, or referral will be very slow to come. BUT, on the other hand - I will be in Kenya and I think a physical presence may be helpful in expediting the process should there be delays. We cannot afford to stay there any longer than necessary however, so it is fine balancing act.

Stay tuned. ;)


Jacquie said...

oh, the crazy world of adoption...

Melissa said...

Is the residency requirement tied to when the child is placed with you or does it begin as soon as you land in Kenya?

'Jo' said...

The residency requirement would start when the child is placed with us. 3 months mandatory foster period, followed by court and visa.