Friday, December 20, 2013

Yarn Twists

New to us, we thought we would give yarn extensions a try, and here is how it turned out.

As you can see, I totally cheated... only getting half her head done and running out of time, I quickly did the top half in large sections. In total, this took 5 hours. It's a bit faster than Kanekelon braids I would say, however I am not sure if it will last as long.

I am also not entirely happy with the way the hair hangs. Yarn is very light, so it tends to kink and flow any way it wants, unlike real hair or kanekelon. Beads would be a solutions, but alas, every store in the this valley only sells assorted colored beads and no threader! Frustration. I had envisioned white, clear and silver sparkly beads that would go with everything. I guess I have to better prepare myself for next time with some online purchasing.

The one advantage of yarn, is that it is light on the hair, and it holds in the moisture. Zahra had a bath last night. I spritzed her hair with oil and put on her sleep cap. In the morning it was nice and moisturized.

So now she wants to give me that 'Movember' shot!?

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