Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First Kiss!

Daddy received his first kiss last night, and I just happened to catch it on camera!
I was doing some Christmas baking while the kids were getting ready for bed. Zahra jumped up on the step stool beside me and put on some lip balm. She kissed me goodnight and I commented on how soft and sweet smelling her lips were (watermelon - gag me!). I suggested that she should give Daddy a kiss with those sweet lips. So she started to put on more lip balm, followed by lots more, and even more...

'Got to do lots Mommy!' This literally went on for minutes. I think in reality, she was just working up the nerve to follow through with her kiss.
After asking her for the third time, she said she was ready and I could call Daddy. I called Daddy and told him Zahra had a special good night kiss for him. Totally expecting that she was going to back out, he leaned in and gave her the kissy kissy face...

And she followed through! AND I caught it on my phone!
He's so lucky! ;)
Outtakes - Pucker up!

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