Thursday, December 12, 2013

Post Placement Report #2

Yes, this officially marks 6 months since we have been home.

3 months ago, Zahra tested at 24 months for her gross motor skills and 30 months at Speech development. She was 36 months at the time. I knew she was behind in these areas, and I also knew this was perfectly normal.

She walked later in life (if we compare her to the 'avg' child, not in an orphanage setting), and she was not very confident in her footing. She struggled walking up or down hills, always wanting to hold a hand etc. Granted, she never had much practice with hills before.

Gross Motor Development:
Mountain life, dance class, and the trampoline has really brought her up to speed. She can now completely dress herself, head to toe, and is definitely more agile and confident.

Here is a video of 6yr old dance class that Z decided to join in on. (The instructor is a friend and I assist her with her craft class options.) Z accompanies me. This day she decided she wanted to dance and Karin was nice enough to allow her. I think we were both amazed at how fast she caught on to the choreography!)

I think you will agree that her gross motor is just fine!

Speech Development:
She has seen the speech therapist because she tested below average on her IDP. (6 months delayed) She would drop the ending consonant sounds and had a preference for 3 word sentences. The speech therapist has not yet determined if she will require therapy or not due to her situation. We will follow up in the new year.

Research shows that adopted children all catch up around 48 months. Again, I am not at all concerned as she is progressing rapidly. She now uses 5-6 word sentences. Sentences like, "Mommy, we go get Daddy now?", "No Daddy, me put on my boots, not you.". She is also starting to use the 'filler' words in addition to the verbs and nouns.

Hearing has been tested, blood work, etc... all normal.

Other changes we are seeing is in her confidence. She doesn't nearly play shy to the extent she once did. She LOVES to go to play groups and be in social settings. When we are out and about, her comment always is "Mommy, where we go next?"... always wanting to go somewhere else and somewhere new.  She loves to tag along with Daddy on errands to the bank etc. She doesn't care where she goes, she just wants to go.

She has finally warmed up to stuffies and dolls, wanting to sleep with them at night. (In her own bed!)

She is very particular about which pyjamas and other outfits she wears. Favoring fancy outfits, owls and Hello Kitty (?? Don't ask me, I'm not a fan!... actually now that I think of it, Dan bought her a Hello Kitty from the airport a year ago. Hmmm. ;)

She knows her primary colors and most others.

She has now taken a keen interest in counting things, although she still cannot count accurately. Same goes for her ABC's.

She can work the wii, TV, ipad, iPhone... (not so sure that is a positive.)

She knows all her body parts.

She loves to help around the house. Especially helpful at unloading the dishwasher.

She goes willingly to bed now, enjoying saying goodnight and giving goodnight hugs and kisses to Muffin and I. Boys are still on the outs for self initiated goodnight snuggles.

She is currently in the 79th percentile for weight and 77th for height! She is likely to outgrow us all in 5 years!

Her favorite colour is purple and her favorite food is still bread.

She is simply amazing, and we just love her to pieces.

Here are some snapshots of the last 3 months. (Most of them shown on the Facebook page.)

Her art submission for the report. Gingerbread House. 

Outakes - My attempt at getting a good Movember photo. She wasn't a very cooperative model. 


The Adventures Ashley said...

A great post Jolene! I am super interested in how you shot that snowflake picture!
So glad to know your lovely lady is doing so well! It gives me hope and excitement for things to come!

Jolene said...

Thanks T. Shot with an iPhone, I edited it on Picmonkey, removing color from the background and added a little Bokeh as the snowfall wasn't very visible. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Wow! What incredible progress. The powers that be in Kenya should be thrilled with her report and how well she is doing! Merry Christmas to you as you celebrate your first Christmas together back home in Canada. Keep up the fantastic parenting!

Jolene said...

Thank you Elizabeth. It really feels like our first Christmas together, which is odd, but I think it's because Christmas in Kenya did not feel like Christmas. We are very excited to be sharing all the N American traditions with her. :)
Merry Christmas to you!