Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer Vacation

As per the previous post, all did not go as intended - but we made the best of it!

We got up bright and early on Friday am. to head to the Pike Market. We were told that it is nice to get there around 7 to watch them all set up. We found this to be a waste of time... there was not much to see and all the stands were not set up until later on in the morning. We also were very hungry and ended up paying a very pretty penny for breakfast in a restaurant inside the market. Next time we will go down the street to a Cafe and get a $4 breakfast sandwich!

The market however - did not disappoint. What I would give to live near a market like this! An abundance of organic and heritage produce, fresh fish and flowers! Heaven on earth for me! Sadly, I missed out on the Market Spice Tea... but am very much looking forward to it next time!
Yes... your reading that right - $5 for those bouquets!!
Decorative wreaths made from peppers, garlic and flowers. Very cool!
Heritage tomatoes that I was drooling over!!
Following the market, we walked down to Seattle's underground tour. It was very interesting and informative. Cool to see the buried building fronts from 100 years ago!

The kids and Dan. Mister checking out this old tub. Did I catch the Muffin looking up or rolling her eyes?
A very old bathroom!!

After the tour, we stumbled across the famous gum wall in the alley of Post Street. Over 
20 years old, this is a certified tourist attraction in Seattle!! Muffin even added to the art

After our detour back up to Canada... we hung out in Vancouver for the next couple of days.
 We hit Granville island... which a great place to relax on a patio while the kids enjoyed the
 waterpark. The kids also hit up their favorite store in Vancouver... the gem store. They 
made one large purchase.... a sibling stone. 2 stones cut from the same rock, that they will
 keep forever as a reminder of the loving bond they share. Dan and I couldn't help but wish
that they had the other 2 pieces for the adopted child/ren... but this is now, and currently they
 are both inseparable,so it is nice when they head off to University etc, they will have this as
 a reminder.

Since we missed out on the Crab Pot in Seattle - we stopped in at Steveston Wharf for some
seafood. A $70 platter that Dan and the kids shared - however, I am pretty certain that Mister
could have eaten it all single handed! Luckily for Dan, I wasn't that hungry and shared my
halibut meal with him - otherwise he would have gone hungry trying to compete with these 2!!

Eyes half closed - which is better than the usual fully closed.

Mister getting right into it - I love this picture! lol.

On our way home we accidentally ended up in Kelowna (Read, Dan took the wrong Hwy),
which worked out fine as we were able to find a hotel room, get up and spend a few fun
 hours there before we headed home. We went to the City Waterpark and then took the 
kids Go Karting. Mister was clearly 4 inches too short... but they set him up with about 5
 cushions toallow his feet to reach the peddles. This was the first time the kids have driven 
go carts, and they did amazing!! Mister was surprisingly the little speed demon, while Muffin
 took it easy.

Now we are back home, back to school, and I am trying to get back to normal. Another ER trip last night confirmed that I have really nasty sinus infection. Not sure if this is related to my previous experience or not... but I am feeling much better today after a couple doses of antibiotics!

(Excuse the alignment issues... I think the new interface has some glitches!!)

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