Friday, September 23, 2011

The cost of a virus with my string of luck.

If I didn't have bad luck, I would have no luck at all. It starts like this.

Aug 5th I get a flu that then turns into a cold that then turns into a nasty sinus infection.

Sept 1st we ended up having to leave our summer vacation 12 hours into it because I lose partial sight and speech for a few minutes. We left a suitcase in the hotel and had to forgo a night for the hotel that was prepaid - $116.

While in Vancouver, we (aka. the hubby) lost a large bag of back to school clothes for the kids at the mall. - $138

Sept 6th I landed back in emerg with this nasty sinus infection. 11 days of antibiotics.

The following week I contract a virus (on my work computer) by innocently lurking on blogs. My 2 yr prepaid prescription to Norton Antivirus didn't do much to help me out here!

Sept 15th after spending 3 days of unsuccessfully trying to eridicate the virus, I had to take it in. I was quote $45 and in one day.

Sept 19th - my sinus infection comes back with a vengance within hours of taking the last antibiotic. Dr. prescribes me another 10 days of antibiotics. Get to the pharmacy to see that she accidentally prescribed me a different antibiotic and she is gone for the day... so another goes by with no meds. My computer also comes back - 4 days late and with a $100 bill. The virus was so bad they had to wipe the entire computer. I have to start from scratch.

Sept 20th - Spend the entire day reloading software. Fun. Payroll due  - cannot provide.

Sept 21st - Have to spend $655.20 to get the software code so I can activate the payroll feature on my software. Now in tears... at this price, I think I would stuck with the damn virus! My software was working just fine before!!

-NOT to mention that Dan's biometric fingerprinting (which was done on July 5th) is missing in action and is now holding up our Dossier.

When your luck costs you over $1000 in one month... you know it's bad!
... and I have a feeling this isn't the end of my string of luck! I am looking forward to September being over and a fresh start with October!

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