Saturday, September 17, 2011

My hubby's secret crush...

Seriously, I feel sorry for you readers. Ha! My blog is simply not safe from any topic. I think it, or experience it and I write it. Welcome to my my brain!

He has always loved... Sandra Bullock.

But what's not to love? She's cute, sweet and funny!

 Not to mention has an adopted cutie as well!

Not to come as a surprise, but he is pretty fond of Halle Berry as well. 

Yes, I agree... she is simply gorgeous!


The other night as we were watching the finale of America's Got Talent - he made a shocking confession. 

Ready for it? 

He has a crush on:

Yep, that's right Queen Latifah

Total shock! After 12 years... I am surprised that he is able to surprise me! I tried to find out what it was that he was attracted to - and he said he didn't know but he maybe it was her high cheek bones. lol. Then he looked at me with a grin and said, "Your gonna put this on your blog aren't you?"
 Yep, I am! ;)

(Not that there is anything wrong with being attracted to Queen Latifah - I love her, she is a funny, strong woman. BUT, she's not your typical celebrity crush!)


BCMommy said...

LOL! Well, I love the Queen! She's funny and pretty. I love her movie 'The Holiday' with LL Cool J and she rocked in Chicago.

Also, a fairly safe crush for him to have, as she bats for the other team... ;)


Jo said...

Ha Claire! I did not know this about the Queen... perhaps that is part of the attraction! ;)