Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Confession

I confess that I have been very negligent on my posts in the last week+. We have had 3 different flows of family visiting from out of town - with more to come! I may not be back to my regular posting until mid Aug.

I confess that all the late nights and visits etc. has completely caught up with me - rendering my brain to mush today. In fact I spelled the name Koonz to my sister as K0(zero)0(zero)nz. ??? lol

I confess that I just finally planted my planters. Yep - July 18th. 2 months behind. 

I confess that it still completely boggles my mind why some people continue to chatter about our adoption every time I turn around, but yet they are completely unwilling to directly ask us about the adoption. They obviously have a lot of questions since it seems to bother them so much - but they don't ask? Can someone explain this to me? I am the most open person... I am easy to talk to and am open to answering all questions about almost anything... Why don't they talk to us directly about this? I am frustrated that I can't find the logic in this. The only thing I can think of is they must associate the questions with the negative feelings they feel towards it, and don't want to display blatant disapproval? One would think, if they thought it was a good thing - they would have no problem talking to us openly about it? Ack.

I confess that I rented 2 movies from the lil machine at Safeway for $2/each to save money - but then forgot to return them twice - costing me $6/each. What a cost savings! Ha!

I confess that my house has turned into a child's chaotic oasis - with up to 7 other children from the block coming and going all day long. 

I confess that this only drives me nutz about 50% of the time.

I confess that I am looking forward to camping with my sister this weekend... kicking back, and cuddling with my new niece!

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