Friday, July 8, 2011

Kenya Adoption - further details.

I have been getting a lot of requests for information about the process and time lines. Now that we have made the leap, I have more details to share.

The fees are as follows:

Intercountry Fee - $6000
KKPI Fee - $2,500
Guardianship Fee - $375
Lawyer Fee - $3,200
Orphanage Assistance Fee - $1,500
African Development Fee - $2,000

Additional costs that I have already stumbled on are the 2 extra police checks and the stamping fee in Kenya.


Requested documents are as follows:

Criminal Record Check - which now not only needs to be done for the HS, but now at Dossier submission and prior to receiving the child.
Medical Reports - of parents and all children in the family
Financial Statement
Pay Slips and Bank Statements
Employment Verification Letter
Copy of Employer's Business Licence
Notice of Assessment
Deed of Home Ownership
Letter of Application to Kenya Authorities
Guardianship Letter (and notarized copy of Passports)
Post Placement Report Agreement
2 x Reference Letters - From a local religious leader, Commissioner of Oath, Notary Public or relevant Government Department
Birth Certificates - Adopting parents and all children
Marriage Certificate
Eleventh Schedule
Declaration of Religion (only if you are a practicing christian)

Once your dossier is completed, it is sent to Foreign Affairs and the Kenyan Embassy for legalization and authentication. Afterwhich it is sent to to the Ministry to be forwarded to our Kenyan agency - KKPI. I am told the timing of all this is approximately 5-7 weeks. Once in Kenya, it will have to be approved by the National Adoption Committee.

Once you have been approved by the authorities in Canada and Kenya, you can expect a referral within 60 days.

Once you have rec'd a referral, you have 3 months to move to Kenya. The Adoption Society will arrange pick up from the airport and will arrange or assist you with accommodations in addition to volunteering with orphanages etc.

Once you have arrived, a Social Worker will spend approximately 3 hours with you to certify you to become a Foster parent. At this point, you will visit the child in the orphanage for the next week or 2. Once the Social Worker is content that the child has started to bond with you, you will take the child home and begin your 3 month foster period. During this time, the Social Worker will make monthly visits. After your fostering period is over and an attachment/bond has formed, the court process will begin. My understanding is that this is approximately a 3 month process with a few hearings. Once you have been granted legal guardianship you wait for the Visa... which is approximately 9-12 weeks.

Yes, we are a pioneering family. We will be the first family to adopt from Kenya with Sunrise. Why does this not scare me in the least? Because I will be on the ground advocating for ourselves. I am much more comfortable with this as I am a control freak will have some control over this process. It is much more worrisome and feels helpless when you have no control over the process, being countries away. Having a physical presence can only work in ones favor, and I love the fact that I can be knocking at their door everyday for as long as necessary. Together, with our agency and KKPI, I have complete confidence that we can make this happen and leap over any roadblocks that we may be confronted with.


Jacquie said...

Thank you so much for the detailed info, it looks like a neat program. I like the fact that they match you with your child. Good luck and thanks for being a pioneer.

Sarah said...

Great info Jolene! So excited for your family and to read along as your journey unfolds!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I just found your blog and I am in such AWE!!! I love that you are doing this with Sunrise. We are sunrise clients too but going domestic or USA (if we can grow a money tree). I can not wait to hear of your match and travels to Kenya. I'm so envious...*sigh* I would love to be able to do this.

I can't tell you how excited I am to have found your blog :)


Journey to You! said...

What a remarkable journey!! I think it will be character building for everyone involved LOVE they way the Kenyan program works. But we cannot pick and leave although at times I think it would be sooo refreshing! MY cousins have grown up living abroad due to their Dad's job. They have lived in Saudi, Abu Dhabi and travelled to Kenya! They have seen the world and are smart, talented and world savvy! Congrats. It is hard for many to see what an amazing learning oppurtunity for your children and family!