Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Backyard City Chicks...

We have 4 new additions to our menagerie! I know... our household just keeps getting crazier and crazier by the minute!!

Yes, we do live in town. But... we have a secret. A quarter of our back yard is CPR property. There used to be railway tracks right behind our house. Can you imagine? They have since turned this track into a walking/biking/skiing trail. However, this means that beyond our lot line... we don't have to follow town rules. So we can have an open fire pit... and chickens! We won't be keeping our neighbours awake with any roosters mind you! Hens only. We aren't the first to do this - many of the properties that border the town have chickens. In fact, I'm almost shocked that we aren't allowed to have a few backyard chickens in town here! This city is very crunchy and green.

So without further ado... I would like to introduce you to my personal favorite: Cotton.
Cotton is a pure bred Ameraucana chicken. She will lay green eggs! Cotton is very curious and adventurous. She is the least afraid of all the chicks. I love her for her fuzzy, fuzzy cheeks!

Next up is Missy. Missy is an Ameraucana mix. She has a gentle go with the flow personality and gets the pretty award. She always looks nicely groomed.

Then we have the funniest of the bunch. Ossy... which is short for Ostrich. This bird does not look like a chicken! It has a small head and a long neck. It's a noisy little thing too - I suspect it may be a rooster. Ossy is a Cuckoo Maran (we think) and should lay dark chocolate brown eggs if she is a she.

Last but not least, is the youngest of the bunch. May. May was born on Muffin's bday. She is a pure bred Ameraucana Bantie. She will be half the size of a standard chicken and should lay blue eggs. She is small and sweet.

May not only pooped during her photo shoot - but she got very vocal. Because she is the youngest and the smallest, she gets cold very easily. She was not happy, so we quickly had to put her back into the sauna cage.
They grow so fast... so we are enjoying the fuzzballs as much as possible. As you can imagine, the kids absolutely adore them!! I will post update photos as they grow... ;)

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