Monday, May 30, 2011

Kenya - filtering the info.

Well I guess it would be apropo that information is not that easy to come by. Try and google for "Kenya Adoption Blog" - nada. The information I can find is from Expat's living in Nairobi, but not from adopters.

What I do know is this - The Kenyan Central Authority requires you to foster the child for 3 months in Nairobi before you can go to court. The paper work wrangling is something like this. (Please don't quote me, I am just basing this off the info I have managed to compile so far.) Compiling the dossier will take about a month, then it is sent to Kenya where it will take a month to be assessed. It will take another month for them to get back to you with a verdict if you qualify or not. 3 months so far. Then, you wait for a referral. I am told the average wait is 4 months. 7 months in now. Once you receive the referral, you will have 3 months to move to Nairobi... which could technically put us there in Feb. Three months of fostering, and then court is said to take a few months, and then the wait for the visa. (8-9 months in Nairobi). Estimated completion would be Oct- Nov 2012.

Two things scare me so far. 1. Elections in Kenya are in Aug 2012. The 2007 post elections were violent.
2. Nairobi is not the "Africa" you think it is. It is a city of 3 million people!! Said to be safe for a city it's size - but seriously people, can you honestly imagine little small town girl me living in a huge city? I wouldn't live in Calgary, and it has a population of 1 million. I prefer to not lock my doors at night... I am not a public transport person - and I am paranoid to allow my children play in a city park. (Imagine me out scanning for needles!) So - this would be a HUGE adjustment for me and my personal sense of safety. Can I not go live in a grass hut and tend to the chickens? The answer is no. Apparently, we need to live close to the lawyers, courts etc... I don't think you can find a fax machine in a grass hut. I told Dan we will need to have a weekend house in the country so I can exhale at least once a week. Ha!

Dan is really pumped about this. I am not getting my hopes yet until I get every last piece of info gathered and I can realistically comprehend if this is possible. Until then - I will leave with some photos of the many different sides of Kenya.

**EDIT - update on the process here.

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