Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Schedule me outta here!

Those with school aged children know that the first 2 weeks in May is a scheduling nightmare! All of their winter activities are just ending and the spring/summer activities are just starting. Why they merge these together is beyond me! Last Friday we had Mass to attend because Mister's class was hosting... then we had a skating show rehearsal (which I volunteered for)... then we had to rush off to movie night at the school (which I also volunteered for). Saturday am. we had a Mother's day brunch at the senior's home with Dan's parents, 2 soccer games and then the skating show (which I was volunteering for again). It was a whirlwind.

Mister is in Green - this is boys figure skating - hockey style.
This week has shapen up to be even worse... We were slow on the draw to plan Muffin's bday party, so we decided on a friends and family BBQ on her bday (14th). Thurs. Mister has soccer, Muffin has gymnastics. Then Sat... not only is it Muffin's bday, but she has Soccer pictures and 2 games. Mister has pictures and one game. They all happen at different times of course. Then Muffin has booked a horse riding lesson in the middle of it all... and then we found out that her friend across the street who's bday is on the 13th - is celebrating on Saturday with a kids party followed by an adult BBQ. Geesh.. Muffin of course doesn't want to miss her bday, but also wants her to attend her birthday party. Moving her bday to the Sunday is not something she is interested in. Just chaos with no right answer. So, we decided to make her situation a bit brighter by booking at a pedicure for her and Mommy (Mother's day gift) at 4pm... and I have decided to check out and leave the sorting out for Dan to do. Just kidding! While I am leaving town for a couple days to do some across the border shopping... I have simplified the schedule a little. I moved the horseback riding to Sunday so they can attend all of their soccer commitments. They may or may not have time to attend her friend's party after this time - which is okay either way, as Mister has said he's not interested in attending a girl's party. Muffin still wants to go and is feeling a bit down about not having the day to herself with all of these other commitments, but such is life! So, I am in the midst of adding some more highlights to her day... there will not be a homemade cake, or a big dinner - but I am arranging a trip to a farm Sat. eve to pick up a couple chicks which she will be able to raise. I think that will be much more exciting and memorable for her than a bday party. Well.. it will be a bday party.. just Thompson family style!

Have a wonderful weekend... I'm off till Sat! (Hoping to locate my sanity - ha!)

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