Monday, January 17, 2011

Why I love Mondays!

Alarm clocks starts to blast at 7am. I snooze it - after all, I didn't get to bed until 12:30! Wake up at 7:10... wake the children. Feed and dress the children. Make lunches... scoot them out the door at 8:20 (Dan took them today). I make my breakfast and saunter down to the dungeon to start my day - the start of my New Years Resolution #3 - 100% dedication to getting caught up on my paperwork. I file through my emails and zap off a couple invoices for Dan... then get a call from Dan at 9am. His Mom was to be admitted to the hospital today for observation while they adjust her meds and he just rec'd a call from the Dr. that he needs to get her there ASAP because they have an available bed for her.
(What about completing the adoption registration and in the mail first thing... and what about my pile of paperwork that NEEDS to be done today!?... - It shouldn't take long, they have a bed ready - I'll do it when I get back.)
So... I run upstairs, throw on some clothes, half of my face and a hat to hide under. Dan picks me up just as I'm putting on my boots. We run down to pick his Mom up and quickly get her to the hospital and report to Emerg. Emerg is FULL! They ask us to wait outside the waiting room, until a bed becomes available. (Ummmm... excuse me? I rushed here for this?). Dan has to meet with a client - so I stay to wait it out with her in the lobby. 30 minutes later we get paged - they have a bed available in Emerg., so they would like to put her there until a bed becomes available upstairs. (Seriously?!)
So, I wheel her in... get her dressed in her PJ's and into bed. 11am - Dan shows up and we agree to leave and come back. I complete the adoption application form - write the cheque and then being so organized, I put it in the copier to make a copy for my files. While this is copying I call Service Canada to figure out why I have not rec'd my verification number for ROE Web, as I need to get an ROE off for an employee today! As I'm on the phone the damn copier jams! GREAT!... so then over the course of the next 30 minutes, I am trying to fix the jam without ripping my stuck application form the copier's jaws of death and I deal with the Service Canada lady on the phone who is instructing me how to fix the problem I am now having with my computer when it will not load their website. (I had to download a Java software). Get that all done - stuff and address the envelope. 1pm - Dan comes and picks me up, we hit the post office and then the hospital to see if she finally got moved upstairs. Nope... and no one is "available" to talk to us. So we stand around trying to appear obvious that we want to talk to someone. (Has she had her lunch, has she had her medication?) Dan asks the front desk lady to get the attention of the nurses, as despite the fact that we are standing 2 feet from them - we are invisible to them! She told us they are just doing shift change and the nurse will be right with us. 15 minutes later, Dan has had enough and leaves to go get her medication from home. He gets back and we find out that there are no beds available upstairs yet, she has had lunch - but no meds. So, we give her the meds and leave to run back home as I still have to get our payroll remittance in today!!.
2:30 - I zap off the fastest remittance I have ever done... pass it Dan who then runs it to the bank. He agrees to pick up the kids at 3, as I still haven't completed the ROE. I spend 20 minutes trying to figure out the darn online form... have to call for help, she couldn't figure it out. I then realize they want me to fill all the blanks with zeros. Ugg. Finally get it printed... and then realize that our second company has a remittance this month too... call Dan. I quickly zap that one out.
Dan calls from the school... Muffin has art club? (Why is it the 17th already... yes - that's right she does.) Mister has hockey at 3:30 - we just remember - and Dan has an appt. at 3:30. He rushes home with Mister, switches vans... hands me the keys. Off I go to the hospital again... find her asleep in Emerg. and get the news that there is no beds available and she will be staying in Emerg. *Sigh... I leave her sleep and run to pick Muffin up from Art Class. After picking her up, we run to Mister's hockey practise - as he is currently being looked after by other Hockey Dads (remember the 3:30 appt?). Get home at 4:45 - and think... Tae Kwon Do - 5:30!... ummm, no - not happening. Then - dinner, what are we going to do about dinner? Dan saves the crisis with a quick shop at the store... something we never have - porkchops, potatoes and can corn! I know... not our typical, fish, salad with a side of asparagus type of meal... just good ol' fashioned chops and mushroom sauce. Eat, throw a load of laundry in, fold, tidy, Dan runs back to hospital, I get the kids ready for bed, homework with the Mister, bedtime story and tuck them in. Fold another load.. make a tea, sit down and exhale as I stare at the chaos of overflowing recycling, jackets not hung up, paperwork on the table, un-opened mail and the like... 9:24pm

And it's a wonder why I am so far behind on my paperwork. Canada Rev. Agency are you reading this!?

BUT... I did get my application off (as you tell from the terrible iPhone photo)

and was blessed to have the pleasure of tucking in 2 little angels. ;)

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