Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Years Resolution #2

Get Healthy

What is it with us as consumers that we feel like we need material things to achieve our goals? If only I had this, I could become this? I am guilty, I admit - I am really bad for this.
I splurged on getting a elliptical machine. Well... not really - it was a heck of a deal at 60% off after Christmas, and I really needed it after all! lol. In all seriousness though - I save on the gym pass, and get to work out in the convenience of my home - which allows me more time in the office.
Dan and the kids and I put it together - 2 hrs later... we get to turn it on it and Muffin and I tried the fan out, the heart monitor and then plugged in the iPhone (into the elliptical!!) and rocked it to Rehab! lol... watching Muffin singing and dancing around to that song was priceless.
Tomorrow the first work out of the year starts... with the weight I put on over our vacation and the Xmas holidays - some weight loss is in order. I hope to chronicle the loss along the way... this blog will hold me accountable!

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